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The Doctor Is In: Could the New Surgeon General Have the Cure for the Nation's Drug Problem?  - 2018-05-23T12:01:15-04:00
America's new surgeon general, Dr. Jerome Adams, is taking on the scourge of opioid addiction in the US, which results in the deaths of 116 people every day. 
'We Apologize': Filmmakers Drastically Change Movie After Accusations It Groomed Children for Sex Abuse - 2018-05-22T13:12:31-04:00
The filmmakers behind Show Dogs, a children's movie about a detective dog who goes undercover at a dog show, have decided to re-edit the movie after outraged parents and activists argued that scenes in the film border on pedophilia.
'I Just Had To Know the Lord': Actor Atticus Shaffer Discusses His Faith Journey - 2018-05-22T11:55:48-04:00
After nine years as one of the stars of ABC's popular sitcom "The Middle," 19-year-old actor Atticus Shaffer is saying goodbye to the show and sharing the scoop on his personal spiritual journey.
North Korea Demolishes Nuke Test Site with Series of Blasts - 2018-05-24T07:16:01-04:00
North Korea carried out what it said is the demolition of its nuclear test site Thursday, setting off a series of explosions over several hours in the presence of foreign journalists.

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