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PRAYER MIRACLE: The Unquenchable Flames Leaped Right to the Edge of Her Property... and Then, Just Stopped - 2019-08-16T15:29:16-04:00
Last November, wildfires ravaged Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, burning nearly 97,000 acres of land and destroying more than 1,600 buildings. The home and horse stables of actress Brenda Epperson were right in the path of this raging inferno. But after the unquenchable flames leaped up to the fence of her family's property... they just stopped.
Every Abortion Clinic in US to Receive 'Unplanned' Movie DVD: Find Out How to Get Your Copy - 2019-08-12T20:08:02-04:00
The pro-life motion picture "Unplanned" will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and in digital formats on Tuesday, and Abby Johnson, the woman who's true story transformational story is the subject of the movie, is taking advantage of the event by sending a DVD to every abortion clinic in the nation.
Trump Considers Labeling Antifa a Terrorist Group, Portland Police Confront 'Civil Disturbance' in Far-Right Far-Left Faceoff - 2019-08-18T14:27:31-04:00
More than a dozen people were arrested during Saturday’s demonstrations where far-right groups planned protests against far-left extremist groups.
Christian Rapper Lecrae Discovers 'Sobering' Family History: 'Exciting, Encouraging, and Sad all at Once' - 2019-08-14T07:43:15-04:00
Over the weekend, Christian rapper Lecrae revealed details of his family’s heartbreaking connection to slavery.

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