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Why This Homeschooling Family Is Battling Their School District All the Way to VA Supreme Court - 2019-12-11T13:34:30-05:00
Homeschooling has always been part of the lives of Kirk and Kristen Sosebee.  As homeschool graduates themselves, when they decided back in 2017 to educate their oldest child at home, they did so knowing full-well what was involved and understanding what the law said about home-based education in their state of Virginia, where some 40,000 children are educated at home. But they were to discover that complying with the law was no longer enough, and soon found themselves embroiled in a court battle fighting for their rights.
6 Ways to Prevent Packing on the Holiday Pounds - 2019-12-11T13:25:51-05:00
Six strategies you can use to avoid overeating and gaining weight during the holidays.
President Trump Tells the Incredible Story Behind the Prayer and Song, 'God Bless America' - 2019-12-11T08:18:35-05:00
President Donald Trump spoke at the Israeli American Council National Summit, his speech including the wonderful story behind one of America’s most popular songs, “God Bless America.”
Today's Election All About the Brexit, but Anti-Semitism Is Also on the Ballot - 2019-12-12T10:39:14-05:00
Britain is voting in one of its most important parliamentary elections since World War Two. The result will determine if, how and when Britain will leave the European Union. But another issue has crept into the race: anti-Semitism.

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