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Trump Says He Won't Attend Correspondents' Dinner This Spring - 2017-02-25T18:06:38-05:00
In a tweet on Saturday, the president doesn't give a reason but says he wishes "everyone well and have a great evening!"
Trump to CPAC: 'I'm Not Representing the Globe - I'm Representing Your Country' - 2017-02-24T10:00:20-05:00
Speaking before the nation's largest audience of conservatives, President Trump reiterated his vow to make America’s interests his top priority. "I'm not representing the globe," he noted. "I'm representing your country."
Scott Pruitt to CPAC: 'Heart of Business' Has Changed - 2017-02-25T16:00:47-05:00
Newly-sworn-in EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told conservatives Saturday that business at the agency is going to change.
Facebook Apologizes for Censoring Christian Mom - 2017-02-26T09:01:46-05:00
Facebook apologized for suspending a Christian blogger for saying the Bible condemns homosexuality. 

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