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Super Bowl-Bound KC Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Says Faith Fuels His Success: 'God Is Amazing' - 2020-01-13T15:58:35-05:00
The Kansas City Chiefs are heading to the Super Bowl after winning the AFC Championship Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, 35-24
The Christians Doing Battle in the NFC Championship Game - 2020-01-19T14:44:42-05:00
As the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers take the field Sunday with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, it’s a chance for some of the players to put their faith on display.
'I Was Terrified': These Students Endured Religious Discrimination, Trump Invited Them to Share Their Stories - 2020-01-17T13:52:23-05:00
President Donald Trump welcomed a group of students, teachers, coaches and religious freedom activists with various faith backgrounds to the White House Thursday to share their experiences as he presented a plan from his administration to protect religious freedom in public schools.
'God Help Her': Christian Activist Mary Fatemeh Mohammadi Arrested in Iran During Protests - 2020-01-19T16:04:40-05:00
Christian activist Mary Fatemeh Mohammadi was arrested on January 12 while protests were taking place in Tehran, the capital of Iran.
Senate Confirmation Hearings for Attorney General Nominee William Barr

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