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Nina Landis

Nina Landis

Nina Landis has been operating as a singer/songwriter for more than 10 years. She has traveled nationally and internationally with her music from small groups to the International House of Prayer.

Todd White

Todd loves sharing the simplicity of the Gospel of the Kingdom and what Jesus Christ accomplished at the cross through His love for us. It is common for Todd to see dozens of people healed while he goes about his everyday life.

Georgian Banov

Boldly declaring the finished work of the Cross, Georgian Banov ministers freedom, joy, supernatural healing and wholeness by exerting the divine labor: Christ the hope of Glory be fully formed in you!

John and Carol Arnott

As pastors of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship church, John and Carol Arnott have seen first-hand the power of the Holy Spirit, soaking prayer, healing and signs and wonders during the "Toronto Blessing" of the early '90s that are still going on today.

Travis Thigpen

Travis and Ann Thigpen are Founders of Gateway Ministries in Richmond, Virginia. Beginning in 1987 they pioneered a prophetic and apostolic training and resource center to equip God's people for their destiny and purpose.

Heidi Baker

Along with overseeing 7,000 churches and a national Bible College, Heidi and Rolland Baker are the founders of Iris Ministries which has planted 5,000 churches in Mozambique and neighboring countries.

Bill Hamon

Bill Hamon is the founder of Christian International Ministries Network, author of five books, and serves as Bishop over 600 ministers and churches in five continents, equipping God's people in their giftings and callings.

Jane Hamon

Jane and her husband Tom have been senior pastors of Chrstian International Family Church for the past 18 years. CI Family Church is the home church of Bishop and Prophet Bill Hamon, Jane's father-in-law.

Cindy Jacobs

The author of several popular books about on the topic of prayer and the Holy Spirit, Cindy Jacobs is the founder of Generals International, helping to build prayer movements through the world, travelling to Argentina, Canada, and Finland.

Bobby Conner

Teacher and minister Bobby Conner has traveled to over 45 foreign countries and throughout the United States sharing the gospel. He speaks an average of five times per week as he ministers with a proven prophetic anointing.

Christy Wimber

Christy Wimber and her husband, Sean, oversee "Doin the Stuff" which is a teaching ministry based on the compilation of John Wimber’s (Sean's father) teaching and training material from 30 years of ministry.

Vernon Falls

Reverend Dr. Vernon Falls is Founder and President of Lifeline International Ministries. He is the Senior Pastor and Director of Lifeline International Christian Fellowship and Lifeline International School of Ministry, California, USA.

Duncan Smith

Duncan and Kate Smith are the Executive Directors of CTF Ministries. After 8 years in Toronto, Duncan and Kate have relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina, dedicating their time to developing the national Soaking Prayer Network.

James Jordon

James Jordon

The vision of James Jordan and Fatherheart Ministries is to take the revelation of the Father and His love, to every nation, every stream of Christianity; every people group and every individual in the world.

Kelley Warren Augi

Robert Augi and Kelley Warren are both accomplished musicians and former worship leaders at Toronto Airport Christian fellowship. They currently reside in Raleigh, North Carolina as a part of the first Catch The Fire church plant.

David Costello

The intensity of his worship has led artist David Costello to experience the genuine and majestic presence of God, leading him to a true closeness with Jesus Christ through his ministry and artwork.

Gary Oates

Gary Oates is the author of the best selling book "Open My Eyes, Lord". The focus of Gary's ministry is intimacy with Jesus, how to experience the manifest presence of God, impartation to see in the spiritual realm, as well as healing for the whole person.

Adam Cates

Adam Cates is a song writing worshiper from Norfolk, Virginia. Adam’s music invites listeners into the journey of friendship with God and love for humanity.