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About The Show

700 Club Interactive is the show you can be a part of by chatting, Skype, or calling in while we are live online at 10:30 am eastern time on  The show will then be broadcast on ABC Family at 9:30 am eastern time, the following day.  700 Club Interactive is designed with you in mind:  your voice, your requests, your community.  Welcome to the Interactive Family..

About The Hosts

Gordon Robertson

Gordon Robertson was appointed Chief Executive Officer of The Christian Broadcasting Network on November 30, 2007. Prior to becoming CEO, Gordon was named the Executive Producer of The 700 Club in 2001 and a member of CBN’s board of directors in 2002..


Terry Meeuwsen

Terry Meeuwsen has been a familiar face on The 700 Club since the early 1980s, appearing on the program many times as a guest co-host. In June 1993 she became a permanent co-host, joining Pat Robertson on the program, which is broadcast daily from the CBN studios in Virginia Beach, VA.


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