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Aaron Shust

How singer/songwriter Aaron Shust discovers joy and trust in God, through life’s many challenges.

Adam Cates

Adam Cates joins 700 Club Interactive to share his testimony and perform with his band, Big House Band.

Alan Powell

Alan Powell gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming movie “The Song”.

Alan Robertson

Hear from the other brother of the much-loved Duck Dynasty family.

Allison Bottke

Allison Bottke joins us to discuss her new book Setting Boundaries with Difficult People.

Dr. Amy Black

Dr. Amy Black joins 700 Club Interactive to discuss ways to approach politics with humility, grace and reason.

Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews will discuss his new e-book The Perfect Moment as well as talk about the best advice in life.

Angela Zatopek

Has the courting process become too difficult for singles?  Hear one radical idea that could fix that!

Anny Donewald

Anny Donewald reveals her dramatic and divine rescue from the sex industry!

Dr. Antipas Harris

Will discuss seven Christ centered and Bible based virtues that will produce long-lasting, and unstoppable successes in all aspects of our lives.

Austin Kleon

Author of Steal Like an Artist Austin Kleon shares ten ways that we all can unlock our creativity.

Autumn Miles

You were created for such a time as this!  Autumn Miles shares how her abusive past led to her finding true purpose and forgiveness!

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Chaplain Barry Black

Is there blessing through adversity? Author and former chaplain of the U.S. Senate Barry Black shares how he found his God-given purpose through life's hardships. 

Ben Jackson

Catch the Fire Pastor and Director Benjamin Jackson shares his story and performs a song from his latest album "Closer." 

Ben Shapiro

Ben Johnson will discuss his book, Primetime Propaganda and the liberal media in Hollywood..

Beni Johnson

Bethel Church Pastor Beni Johnson shares about God's heart and how we can all experience real joy. 

Dr. Bill Donohue

Dr Donohue will discuss the war on Christianity and how one atheistic group is putting up anti-religious billboards.

Bill Hamon

Bishop Bill Hamon explains why so-called ministers can fall so easily into sin.

Dr. Bogdan Neughebauer, MD, PhD

Will discuss the current outbreak of Ebola, what the symptoms are and what can be done to protect yourself.

Brad Formsma

Author and idealist Brad Formsma talks about a new kind of pay-it-forward: I Like Giving.

Brent Martz

Award-winning producer Brent Martz shares about his latest movie "Not Today," a film that sheds light on the persecution of Dalits in India.

Brett Durbin

Brett Durbin joins us to discuss his organization Trash Mountain.

Bryana Johnson

College student Bryana Johnson joins us to discuss her article "Underage Dating: The Elephant in the Social Conservative Living-Room.".

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Carolyn McCulley

Is it wrong to be a mom and a breadwinner? Author Carolyn McCulley shares what the Bible has to say about working moms.

Casey Bankord

Casey joins us to discuss his new book he co-authore with Eric Parks, Frequency: Discovering Your Unique Connection to God.

Chad Williams

Chad will discuss career as a Navy SEAL and his radical conversion while discovering the meaning of true sacrifice.

Charlotte Gambill

Co-founder of Dare to Be Charlotte Gambill shares how we all can turn our lives around.

Chris DuPre

Pastor, author, speaker and songwriter Chris DuPré shares his testimony and music with 700 Club Interactive

Chris Mitchell

CBN’s Chris Mitchell talks about ISIS and the persecution in the days ahead.

Dr. Cindy Trimm

Author and inspirational speaker Dr. Cindy Trimm shares how we can all find God's favor.

Dr. Clifton Clarke

He was in cardiac arrest for over thirty minutes. Hear how this one survivor earned the nickname "miracle man."

Colton Burpo

Colton Burpo, the four-year-old who survived a near-death-experience, talks about his trip to Heaven and his life now as a teenager.

Colton Dixon

America Idol favorite Colton Dixon shares his heart for worship and performs his latest song "Never Gone."

Corbin Bernsen

Top movie producers tell us how they share their faith in Hollywood.

Corey Olsen

The Tolkien Professor Corey Olsen joins Interactive to talk about J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and his unique approach to religious themes in his writing. 

Craig Gorc

Craig joins us to to discuss how expensive weddings are and how people can get a wedding free of charge.

Craig and Christine West

Fans of K-LOVE know Craig West well – he’s a popular DJ for the network’s morning show.  And while he’s affable on the air, there was a time when he harbored a dark secret…

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Dan Reany

After spending a day in a Nigerian village, our reporter learns that the “simple life” isn’t one at all.

Danny Gokey

This former American Idol finalist shares his story of faith and how he dealt with the unexpected death of his young wife.

Danny Gokey (2013)

Danny Gokey shares how he is reaching children through his foundation, "Sophia's Heart."

Danny Silk

What makes a healthy relationship? Author Danny Silk shares the do's and don'ts of a happy marriage.

Dave Stone

What is the secret to raising a selfless kid? Author Dave Stone shares just how that is possible.

David Addesa

Is God judging the world today? Pastor David Addesa answers that question and more, as he shares how his faith was challenged when his only son was struck by lightning. 

David Darg

David discusses the cholera epidemic in Haiti and his recent documentary Baseball in the Time of Cholera.

David Kim

CEO of Baja Fresh joins Interactive to discuss his experience on CBS' Undercover Boss and his book, The 12 Values that Fuel Billionaire Success.

David Murrow 1/5/2012

Author David Murrow discusses why Men Hate Church as well as his ministry Church for Men.

David Murrow

Author David Murrow discusses what is really going on in the heart of men and his new book, What Your Husband Isn't Telling You.

David and Tamela Mann

700 Club Interactive sits down with Mr. Brown and Cora from Tyler Perry’s hit show Meet the Browns.

Doug Fields

What does it take to be a superhero?  Author Doug Fields shares how you can save your family – and the world (and you don’t need a mask and cape)!

Douglas Weiss

What does it take to get clean? Dr. Douglas Weiss shares how to break the addiction to pornography. 

Duncan Smith

Author and pastor of Catch the Fire ministry Duncan Smith shares how we all can be one with God.

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Earl Mawyer

Earl Mawyer joins 700 Club Interactive to share what happened when the F/A-18D Hornet jet crashed into his apartment complex.

Eric Abel

National Back to Church Sunday representative Eric Abel shares about his viral video "Rapping Pastors" and how churches can reach today's youth. 

Eric Alexander

When Eric Alexander risked life and limb to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, he realized that God wasn’t impressed with his life achievements. Instead, he discovered just what it takes to please God. 

Eric Metaxas

Author Eric Metaxas takes on the topic of authority and whether or not all authority should be submitted to.

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Gary Heavin

The story of medical missionaries attacked by bandits!  Former Curves CEO Gary Heavin joins us to discuss the new movie “Mission Air”.

Dr. Gary Chapman

Do you have trouble understanding teenagers?  Of course you do – who doesn’t?  Dr. Gary Chapman tells us how you can decipher your teen’s love language.

Gene Thornton Jr. (a.k.a. Malice)

Gene Elliot Thornton, a.k.a. "Malice" of The Clipse, shares about his life behind-the-scenes of his hip-hop success in his new book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked.

George Foreman III

The fighter with boxing in his blood – we’ll step into the ring with heavyweight contender George Foreman III!

Greg Stier

Greg Stier joins 700 Club Interactive to discuss his blog post 10 Ways to be Cool Though Christian.

Dr. Gregory Jantz

Dr. Gregory Jantz joins 700 Club Interactive to discuss how an endless supply of media & gadgets hook our interest, snag our wallets & occupy our time, and how to get free of them.

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Bishop Harry R. Jackson

What is the biggest crisis facing American homes?  Bishop Harry Jackson explains.

Heidi Baker

Missionary and founder of Iris Global Heidi Baker joins Gordon Robertson to minister to viewers and their dreams. 

Dr. Henry Cloud

To date online or not to date online? Dr. Henry Cloud tackles the online dating scam called "catfish." 

High Street Hymns

The music group High Street Hymns share about their music and inspiration, while Gordon knocks elbows with chef genius Father Leo as they prepare a meal perfect for the holidays. 

Howard Wasdin

A Navy SEAL and an Army Ranger share their stories of living through “Black Hawk Down”.

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Isabel Wilkerson

Author Isabel Wilkerson will discuss her highly acclaimed book Warmth of Other Suns.

Isik Abla

Former Muslim Isik Abla talks about the personal encounter she had with Jesus Christ the day she was planning her suicide.

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Jane Hamon

Co-founder of Christian International Jane Hamon discusses how we can find the meaning within dreams and visions.

Jason Redman

A former Navy SEAL shares how love, faith, and a ‘never-say-die’ spirit helped him survive.

Jason Mattera

Jason joins us to discuss his book Hollywood Hypocrites and just how liberal celebrities have become today.

Jeanell Rawles

Jeanell Rawles is the winner of 700 Club Interactive's Mom of the Year Contest and was nominated by her daughter Scarlett Malone.

Jedd Medefind

Today, there are over 423,000 children in foster care waiting for a place to call their home. President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans shares what families in the church can do to help. 

Jefferson Bethke

Where does God end and the Church begin? Spoken word artist Jefferson Bethke shares just how Jesus is greater than religion.

Jen Hatmaker

The star of HGTV’s new series “My Big Family Renovation,” Jen Hatmaker, shares how to survive when life gets “interrupted.”

Jill Hardie

Join us as we celebrate the season and hear from those who love it the most. 

Jim Samra

Jim Samra joins us to discuss his new book God Told Me: Who to Marry, Where to Work, Which Car to Buy, and I’m Pretty Sure I’m Not Crazy.

Joel Manby

President and CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment Joel Manby shares about his experience on CBS's hit show Undercover Boss.

Joel Rosenberg

What if the Islamic State obtains weapons of mass destruction? That is the scenario Joel Rosenberg lays out in his new novel, The Third Target.

John & Carol Arnott

John and Carol Arnott stop by 700 Club Interactive to update us on their ministries and give an outlook for the year 2013.

John S. Dickerson

Pastor, author and award-winning journalist John S. Dickerson shares about this country's current recession within the Church. 

John Felts

John joins 700 Club Interactive to discuss his comedic video, " Stuff Christian Singles Hear," and the burden of being a single christian.

John Schlitt

Lead singer of Petra will greet our Mom of the Year, Jeanell Rawles, with a signed copy of his latest CD The Greater Cause.

Johnnie Moore

Author and Pastor Johnnie Moore discusses his new book “What Am I Supposed to do With My Life?” and will help you figure out God’s plan for your life.

Jon Acuff

Want to punch fear in the face? Jon Accuff, author and motivational speaker, shares how we all can escape the average life.

Jordan Sekulow

Bestselling author and motivational speaker Joyce Meyer discusses the power of words in her new book Change Your Words Change Your Life

Joyce Meyer

Do you think it is too late to change? Joyce Meyer shares how you are never too far gone to begin again.

Judah Smith

Who is Jesus? City Church pastor Judah Smith talks about the many definitions  we give Jesus and who He really is. 

Judith MacNutt

Do angels exist? Author Judith MacNutt shares how are angels are "for real."

Justin Wheeler

Vice President of LINK Justin Wheeler shares how leadership under Kim Jong-un is threatening the rescue organization.

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Katy Flood

Counselor and speaker Katy Flood shares how she helps women find freedom from their pasts.

Kendall Jenkins

Passenger on the less than "Triumphant" Carnival Cruise Kendall Jenkins shares about her experience on the sweltering vessel and how her faith got her through it. 

Kirsten Dickerson

Kirsten Dickerson, Co-Founder and CEO of Raven + Lily, a fair trade brand bent on helping women overcome sickness and poverty joins us to give us a little more information on what Raven + Lilly are up to.

Kelly Moss

Author Kelly Moss talks about her book/charity The Santa Club that she founded and wrote in honor of her late mother-in-law, Bertie.

Kelly Whalen

Kelly Whalen joins us to discuss her blog The Centsible Life and how families can live on one income.

Kevin Leman

Picture this – a house where the parents are respected, the kids are well-behaved, and everyone’s happy.  Are you picturing your house?  Probably not!  Kevin Leman shares what you need to do to have a happy home.  And best of all – you can do it by Friday!

Kim Campbell

The wife of legendary singer Glen Campbell opens up about the singer’s life and goodbye tour.

Kristen Feola

It can be tough to juggle work, family… and fasting. Gordon Robertson and Kristen Feola discuss the purpose of fasting, and how you can fast while juggling ‘life.'

Kristina Ellis

Kristina Ellis went from living below the poverty line to graduating from Vanderbilt University. And she did it without paying a cent. 

Kyle Idleman

Does idolatry still exist? Pastor and author Kyle Idleman discusses the current issues we all face with modern day idols. 

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Lacey Buchanan

Lacey joins us to discuss the emotions and process of giving birth to her son Christian who was born with a bilateral cleft palate and lip and eyes that did not form.

Laura Sobiech

Death of a loved one is painful, but the death of a child is beyond words. How two families found strength after losing their children. 

Lila Rose

Pro-life activist and Live Action President Lila Rose joins Interactive to share about the ongoing abuses in the abortion industry and how she and Live Action are fighting this war on women

Luke Russert

Meet Luke Russert, NBC Correspondent, and son of the late Tim Russert

Lynn Donovan

Author and speaker Lynn Donovan takes on the topic of parenting and how moms can best raise their children when their husband does not share the faith.

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Former American Idol contestant and recording artist, Mandisa talks about the changes in her body image,

Mark Batterson

Are you facing an impossible situation? Guess what – that also means it’s God’s greatest opportunity! Pastor Mark Batterson joins us live to share more!

Mark Burnett & Roma Downey

TV producer Mark Burnett and actress Roma Downey share about their latest collaboration, "The Bible" mini-series on History. 

Mark Driscoll

Pastor Mark Driscoll shares about our nation's current identity crisis in his new book Who Do You Think You Are?

Mark Goodacre

Mark Goodacre, Religion Professor at Duke University, takes on the "Jesus Fragment," sharing his thoughts on the matter. 

Mark Merrill

Author Mark Merrill tackles the issue of parenting and what it takes to be an All Pro Dad.

Mary Hunt

Mary Hunt, founder of debt-proof living, offers tips to parents on how to raise financially confident kids.

Mary Lou Quinlan

Author of The God Box shares how her mother's prayers became her family's gift of love and faith. 

Marybeth Hicks

Parenting is tough – even more so in our media-saturated world.  Hear how to teach your children lessons that will last a lifetime.

Matthew Barnett

Pastor and founder of The Dream Center Matthew Barnett takes on the topic of dreams and how we all can learn to dream big. 


Author of In the Dragon's Lair, shares how leaving the US for China changed in his life every way, from challenging his faith to strengthening his mission. 

Max Lucado

Pastor and author Max Lucado shares how we can all overcome.

Melissa Kruger

Where can we find ultimate happiness? Author Melissa Kruger takes on the topic of envy and the secret to being content.

Michael John Cusick

Michael John Cusick joins us to discuss the demise of guys and also to discuss his new book Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle.

Mike & Chris Reis

Father-son duo share about how Chris’ famous Super Bowl XLIV recovery play that changed their lives.

Misty Edwards

Worship leader and songwriter Misty Edwards opens up about her passion, inspiration and secret battle with cancer.

Montell Jordan

Montell Jordan joins us to discuss his transition from R & B music to minister at Victory World Chuch.

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Naghmeh Abedini

While working in an orphanage in Iran, pastor Saeed Abedini was arrested and eventually imprisoned for "threatening national security." His wife Naghmeh Abedini and ACLJ's Jordan Sekulow discuss the latest details of their fight for his release.

Nancy Grisham

Author Nancy Grisham shares how we all can thrive in the midst of hard times.

Nathan Jurewicz

Nathan joins us to discuss his home schooling and how parents can help prepare their children for the real world.

Nedra Ross

Nedra Ross joins us to discuss her group, The Ronettes, induction into the Rock & Roll Hall fo Fame.

Nick Vujicic

See what happened when a man with no limbs had enough courage to put his life in God's hands. Pastor Nick Vujicic shares his story. 

Nicole Weider

Nicole join us to discuss her experience in the modeling world, how she found God and why she started her organization Project Inspired, an outreach for young girls.

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Paul Dhinakaran

Evangelist Paul Dhinakaran shares about the persecution of the Church within India and how fellow believers can make a difference.

Pete Wilson

Senior pastor of Cross Point Church Pete Wilson discusses his new book Empty Promises: The Truth About You, Your Desires, and the Lies You’re Believing.

Peter and Heather Larson

Co-authors for 10 Great Dates, Peter and Heather Larson take on the topic of marriage and how to keep the romance alive and well.

Phil & Kay Robertson

Duck commander Willie Robertson shares his story and what goes on behind-the-scenes of his hit show Duck Dynasty.

Dr. Phillip Snider

Dr. Phillip Snider joins us to discuss the new drug "Bath Salts."

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Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze, daughter of financial guru Dave Ramsey, shares how saving and giving can make your kids financially smart.

Rachel Jankovic

Wife, blogger, and mother Rachel Jankovic shares about the joys of motherhood and her new book Fit to Burst.

Randall Wallace

Hear the making behind the movie "Heaven is for Real," as the Burpo family and director Randal Wallace share what it was like taking their story to the big screen. 

Bishop Raphael Green

Will discuss the shooting in Ferguson, MO and how the church can be of help to a hurting public, create unity, and create hope in the love of Christ.

Rabbi Raphael Shore

Will discuss Clarion Project and his documentary Beneath the Helmet film.

Ray Bonker

Ray discusses being a father of two children profoundly affected by autism and what is church is doing to include them in services.

Rebekah Lyons

Hear how one teenage girl overcame her eating disorder after discovering her true value in God. 

Ricardo Sanchez

Worship leader Ricardo Sanchez and his wife Jennette share how they made it through their family's darkest hour.

Rich Praytor

Comedian Rich Praytor discusses family festive nightmares and how to avoid them during the holiday season.

Rich Wilkerson

It’s the most important thing you can leave your kids – far more precious than money.  So what legacy are you going to leave them?

Rice Broocks

Is God dead? Author Rice Broocks offers some compelling evidence proving that God is, in fact, alive and well.

Rick Ostrander

Dr. Rick Ostrander joins us to discuss his book Why College Matter to God.

Rita Hancock

Dr. Rita Hancock shares how Scripture can help everyone overcome pain, illness and addictions.

Ron Deal

Ron Deal will discuss his book The Smart Stepdad, fatherhood and the importance of fathering.

Roy Costner

Liberty High School's valedictorian Roy Costner shares why he traded his commencement speech for the Lord's Prayer.

Ross Douthat

New York Times writer Ross Douthat takes on the condition of Christianity in America with his latest book Bad Religion

Rusty Rawls

Is there such a thing as a biker church? Learn about the history of Christian bikers and hear from the members of Freedom Biker Church.  

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Sean Lowe

America’s favorite Bachelor, Sean Lowe talks about faith, love and why nice guys don’t finish last.

Shannon Ethridge

What’s really behind the hit book – and new movie – Fifty Shades of GreyThe Fantasy Fallacy author Shannon Ethridge explains.

Sheila Walsh

Description: A “heart-to-heart” with Sheila Walsh – hear what got this “Woman of Faith” through the hardest part of her life!

Stephen Mansfield

Stephen Mansfield joins us to discuss his most recent book release Lincoln’s Battle With God and faith of Abraham Lincoln.

Steve Kelly

Many people talk about leadership – but only few people have lived it. Pastor Steve Kelly shares how in his new book “The Accent of Leadership."

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T.C. Ryan

T.C. Ryan discusses coming out of sexual addction to freedom and his book, Ashamed No More.

Ted Dekker

Best-selling author Ted Dekker talks about fear and our culture's fascination with being scared.

Thomas Christianson

Thomas Christianson is a father of an autistic daughter and explains why Christians need to care about autism.

Tim Keller

Author, speaker and founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church Tim Keller shares how each of us can find God in our work.

Todd, Sonja, and Colton Burpo

Hear the making behind the movie "Heaven is for Real," as the Burpo family and director Randal Wallace share what it was like taking their story to the big screen.


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Vicki Norris

Professional organizer Vickie Norris tells us all how we can restore order and reclaim our lives. 

Virginia Breen

Author Virginia Breen discusses share her journey of being a mother of two children with autism and how she find hep for them.

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Wes & Amanda Martin

Description: IHOP missionary Wes Martin and his wife share how they dealt with the loss of two newborn babies.

Willie Robertson

Duck commander Willie Robertson shares his story and what goes on behind-the-scenes of his hit show "Duck Dynasty." 

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Zach Hunter

"Loose Change to Loosen Chains" founder Zach Hunter takes on the topic of chivalry – what it means to be chivalrous and how we can be like knights of old.