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Greg Stier

By Suzanne O'Keeffe, 700 Club Interactive

Greg's mom almost aborted him and his father was non-existent. He is from the inner-city and was raised amongst "violent body builders." Because his physical appearance did not measure up to the others, Greg always felt less than. As time passed though, Greg began to watch as each of the "thugs" in his urban family receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. The result of that was a deeply embedded desire (beginning at the age of 11) to see the lost get saved. Soon Greg began to live out his vision of teaching teenagers from middle school to high school how to "reach and equip their circle of friends for Christ." In 1991 Greg founded and became president of Dare 2 Share Ministries International. This ministry has had a huge impact on "tens of thousands" of lives who are Christian teens. Greg intertwines a great sense of humor with real-life stories in order to relate "sound Biblical truth" . His desire is to capture their attention and kindle their hearts to evangelize.

On Greg's blog Relentlessly Pursuing Christ and His Cause he displays his sense of humor while making his point that Christians are too concerned with the opinion of the world. The following is a satirical look at how one can be a Christian and still be cool in the world.

1. Get a tattoo but make sure it's a Hebrew word for something spiritual.
2. Spike your hair but only with gel that is not made of sweat shops.
3. Share your faith but only if somebody brings it up first.
4. Read only gender neutral versions of Scripture that are available for the iPhone.
5. Only drink coffee made with beans, grown by monks, sold by orphans and brewed by believers.
6. Go on a mission trip for Jesus without ever sharing the message of Jesus.
7. Tweet only Bono quotes.
8. Shop at The Buckle (even if you're 46 years old.)
9. Never get into spiritual conversations with unsaved people about sin, hell or anything awkward.
10. Never use the word "unsaved" when describing somebody who is lost...But don't use the word "lost" either...just call them "pre-Christian" or "seekers" or "the yet-to-be regenerate" or something...I don't know. Forget it.

"Guess I'm uncool."
Greg's point is that today there is a negative connotation to old fashion evangelism. "The 2,000 year old practice of evangelism has 2000 years worth of baggage that comes with it (i.e. the inquisition, burning heretics at the stake, Jim Jones, etc.)" Greg is frustrated with lukewarm Christians with bad theology that result in churches without the passion of Jesus Christ. His joy? Being in any arena where young teens are and sharing his love of Christ with them.

Greg lives in Arvada, Colorado with his wife, Debbie, and their two children.